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  • Sharing water recipies has become a viral trend known as WaterTok on the social media platform TikTok.

  • The DIY flavored water beverages are often promoted as as healty drinks, but experts warn many popular water recipies can add unwanted sugar and calories to your daily intake.

  • Health experts say the best way to stay hydrated is to drink plain water, but some water recipies can offer health benefits.


There are plenty of other nut butter options to choose from if you're allergic to (or just sick of) peanut butter.

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Anyone who’s trying to lose weight knows that analyzing your diet and what you consume in a day is important. If you’ve switched to these milks and are wondering if and how they might cause weight gain, read on for dietitian-approved tips for auditing the health factors of your favorite non-dairy beverages.


Eat healthier and smarter with this list of the most nutrient-dense foods you should add to your diet.


With some simple swaps of animal-based protein for foods like beans, grains, nuts, and seeds you can easily meet your daily protein needs.”

How to make plant-based protein the center of your plate.JPG

The meal replacement shake: a quick, convenient solution, these pre-made drinks are usually easy to find in grocery stores — or you can order a whole case online to keep on hand for situations just like this.

But is it actually a good idea to rely on meal replacement shakes regularly, instead of real food? Here, nutrition pros tell us what they really think.

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